Cavalier Information and FAQ's

* What is the Cavalier Temperament?  If I were to use one word it would be joyful.  Cavaliers are happy, alert, intelligent little dogs.  They have a love of life and everything in it.  Cavaliers adore their families and want always to be near them.  They will follow you from room to room as you go about your daily tasks.  They want nothing more than to be involved in everything their family does.  They love to sit on your lap or beside you where they will stay until you move.  They are wonderful bed dogs and will sleep all night through and only awake when you do.  We call them Velcro dogs because they stick to you.  If you do not like a dog that always wants to be near you, dont get a Cavalier!Sleeping Angels
Cavaliers love everyone and everything.  The thought never crosses their mind that a person or another animal may not like them too.
*Do Cavaliers Shed?  Yes, they do.  But not as much as many breeds do.  Frequent brushing will help to minimize the amount of silky hair you find around the house.  If dog hair bothers you, please consider a different, non-shedding breed.
* Do they require a lot of grooming?  Cavaliers need to be thoroughly brushed and combed at least once a week.   Their ears (especially behind their ears), chest, and rear end should be checked and brushed every few days to make sure there are no knots or tangles forming.  If you get into a routine of brushing and combing, shedding is kept to a minimum.
* At what age should a Cavalier puppy go to its new home?  A Cavalier puppy should not leave its mother and siblings before it is two months old.  NEVER younger than that.  Most breeders prefer to wait until the puppy is 10 12 weeks old.  Cavalier puppies remain babies for much longer than many other breeds and need the extra time.  The age at which a puppy is placed may also depend on the family situation if there are children, how many and what ages, etc.
*Will an older Cavalier adjust to a new home?  Many times breeders will have adult Cavaliers available to new homes.  They adjust very well to a new home and will bond very quickly with their new owner as long as they get plenty of love and attention.  We have had great success with this.  The old saying that the Cavalier theme song is Love The One Youre With is very true.   Of course, the advantage of an adult Cavalier for the new owner is that they get a dog who is past the puppy stage, is housebroken (because all of our dogs are house dogs), has all their shots, etc. 
*Are Cavaliers good with children?  They love children and are very good with gentle children of all ages.   Children, who may grab, pull hair, roughly play and/or handle a puppy or a dog, will badly frighten a Cavalier.  Families with very loud and boisterous or rough children should consider a different breed of dog.
*Are Cavaliers a good choice for seniors?  They are an excellent choice for seniors.  Their loving and gentle nature, their responsiveness and empathy for their owners make them a perfect match.  Seniors may wish to opt for an adult Cavalier instead of a puppy.
*Are Cavaliers good with other pets in the household?  Cavaliers are extremely social and will get along with other pets.  The exception to this is small cage animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, birds, etc.  In the case of cats, it is the cat who will set the ground rules.  The Cavalier will be perfectly willing to cuddle and be friends with the cat. 
 FleetStreet Puppies
*How much exercise does a Cavalier need?  Every Cavalier does need some exercise.  A walk every day, running around in a fenced yard, etc.  Cavaliers can work up to longer walks and even hikes but you need to be careful to do this gradually. 
*Do Cavaliers bark a lot?  No.  As a rule about the only time a Cavalier barks is when someone comes to the door.   Some will bark at birds, squirrels, etc. but they are not excessive barkers.
*How big do they get?  Most Cavaliers will get to be 16 20 pounds.  Of course, there may be some a little smaller and some a little larger.  They will, of course, get heavier than that if their owners give them too many treats. 
*Are Cavaliers good watchdogs?  No, they are not.  They may bark at a strange noise or the doorbell, but because of their loving gentle and social nature, they will not detere anyone from entering your house.  They will show the thief where the good silver is and be happily wagging their tails while he loads his bag.
*Are Cavaliers easy to train?  Yes, they are.  Because of their nature, their willingness and desire to please their owners, they are very easy to train.  They respond very well to gentle training and corrections.  We highly recommend a puppy kindergarten class for puppies and a household obedience class for older dogs.  This helps to strengthen the bond between new owner and dog, and socializes the dog.
*How long do Cavaliers live?  The average lifespan for our Cavaliers is 12 14 years.
Are they a healthy breed?  Just as we cannot 100% guarantee that none of our children or other family members will never become ill with some debilitating condition, no breeder of any breed of dog can guarantee that a puppy will be 100% healthy for its lifetime.  I cannot say it better than English breeder and judge; Sheila Smith does in her book CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS TODAY.  So I will quote her here.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has never enjoyed such excellent all-round health as it does now, and well done to that veterinarian who stood up and said there was not much wrong with the breed.  Having said that, any Cavalier you get should have a current (within the last year) certificate from a Board Certified Cardiologist and one from a Board Certified Ophthalmologist.
*Do males or females make better pets?  In this breed neutered males are just as loving, if not more loving, than the females.  The saying is that the girls love you but the boys are in love with you.Cavalier Puppy - Joey
*Are Cavaliers good for people with allergies?  No they are not.  If someone in your family is even slightly allergic to dogs do not get a Cavalier. 
*Can I leave a Cavalier outside all day while I am at work?  No!!  Cavaliers are housedogs and should never be left outside unattended. If you have to be gone for several hours during the day, prepare a safe place inside the house for your Cavalier.
*Are Cavaliers good travelers?  Yes they like to go with their families.  The first time or two in the car they might get a little carsick but that soon passes.





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